Ailleurs j'y suis

Réalisateur(s) : François Pirot

Pays(s) : Belgique / Luxembourg / Suisse

Année : 2022

Durée : 103min

Version : French Version
: Jérémie Renier, Suzanne Clément, Jean-Luc Bideau, Jackie Berroyer, Samir Guesmi, …
: François Pirot
Production : 
Tarantula Belgique, Tarantula Luxembourg, Box Productions

Ailleurs si j’y suis

While his family and his job are particularly demanding, Mathieu, without warning, goes into the forest and stays there. Faced with this radical choice of freedom and the absence it implies, those close to him are shaken up and confronted with themselves and their choices.

Selective Filmography of François Pirot
2022 Ailleurs si j’y suis
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