Réalisateur(s) : RACHID EL OUALI

Pays(s) : Maroc

Année : 2023

Durée : 96

Hamid Zoughi, Marc Samuel, Gabrielle Lazure, Booder, Jérémy Banster

Rachid El Ouali, Hidram Lasri


Coup de tampon

Larbi, a retiree who has lived in France for 40 years, learns that he is suffering from a serious illness. He decides to return to Morocco to die. With his faithful friend Mocho, he takes the boat from Sète, where he lives, to Morocco, and organizes his funeral.

Selective filmography Rachid El Ouali
2023 Coup de tampon
2017 Nouhe doesn’t know how to swim
2015 Tears of Satan
2014 Ymma
2010 Les Gars du bled