Réalisateur(s) : MILENA ABOYAN

Pays(s) : Allemagne

Année : 2023

Durée : 110

Bayan Layla, Armin Wahedi, Derya Dilber, Derya Durmaz, Cansu Leyan, …  



Milena Aboyan, Constantin Hatz


Kinescope Film



Elaha, a 22-year-old woman of Kurdish origin, is desperate to have her hymen reconstructed, in the hope of restoring her innocence before her marriage. Despite her determination, doubts creep in. Why must she appear to be a virgin, and for whom? As a dilemma seems inevitable, Elaha is torn between respect for her traditions and her desire for independence.

Milena Aboyan’s selective filmography

2018 L’astuce de Gretel (court)
2014 Das Letzte Geschenk (court)