Réalisateur(s) : PALOMA SERMON-DAÏ

Pays(s) : Belgique

Année : 2023

Durée : 82

Makenzy Lombet, Purdey Lombet, Donovan Nizet, Amine Hamidou, Louise Manteau



Paloma Sermon-Daï


Michigan Films, Visualantics, Kidam


Il pleut dans la maison

Under a scorching sun, seventeen-year-old Purdey and his fifteen-year-old brother Makenzy are left to fend for themselves. While Purdey works as a cleaner in a hotel complex, Makenzy makes a bit of money stealing from tourists. Between the recklessness of adolescence and the harshness of adulthood, they’ll have to support each other on this heartbreakingly sweet journey, which looks set to be the last summer of their youth.

Paloma Sermon-Daï’s Selective Filmographie

2018 D’un château l’autre (court)