Le prix du passage

Réalisateur(s) : Thierry Binisti

Pays(s) : France / Belgique

Année : 2023

Durée : 100

Version : French Version
: Alice Isaaz, Adam Bessa, Ilan Debrabant, Catherine Salée, …
 : Sophie Gueydon, Pierre Chosson
Production : 
TS Productions, Artémis Productions

Le prix du passage

Natacha, 25, a young single mother struggles to raise her 8-year-old son Enzo. Walid, a migrant of Iraqi origin, is waiting to collect enough money to pay for his passage to England. Desperate, together they improvise a small-scale network of clandestine passages. Soon, their “small business” must face the threats of Ahmet, the leader of a major smuggling network…

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