Les silencieux

Réalisateur(s) : Basile Vuillemin

Pays(s) : Belgique / France / Suisse

Année : 2022

Durée : 20min 20s

Interprétation : 
Arieh Worthalter, Thierry Barbet, Arnaud Duléry, …
: Basile Vuillemin, Blandine Jet
Production : 
Magellan Films (Belgique), Blue Hour Films (France), Imaginastudio (Suisse)

Les silencieux

Jorick is one of five crew members of a small fishing trawler. After four days of an unsuccessful fishing campaign, he found himself faced with a difficult dilemma: return with the holds empty or to decide, against the advice of part of the crew, to go poaching in the prohibited zone