Réalisateur(s) : Émilie Carpentier

Pays(s) : France

Année : 2021

Durée : 84 min

Version : French Version
Réalisation : Émilie Carpentier
Interprétation : Tracy Gotoas, Sylvain Le Gall, Niia, Clémence Boisnard, Rachid Yous, …
Scénario : Émilie Carpentier avec la collaboration de Cécile Vargaftig, Jacques Albert, Assmar Abdillah, Dany Bomou
Production : Elzévir Films
Musique : /
Durée : 84 min


In the heart of her distant suburb where asphalt and fields intertwine, Adja, 18, burns with the desire to live intensely. She is looking for her way and it is not easy with her best friend, an influencer who shines on social networks, and her older brother, a soccer player who saturates the family’s space for success. The unexpected offered by the ZAD (Zone To Defend) installed at the edge of her neighborhood attracts her. When she gets closer to Arthur, a high school friend, she lives intense and decisive days where the choice of a more sustainable world turns her brain upside down as much as it leads her to take risks alongside this Climate Generation.

Filmography of Émilie Carpentier
2021 L’horizon
2010 Au large (court)