Red Rocket

Réalisateur(s) : Sean Bake

Pays(s) : États-Unis

Année : 2021

Durée : 128min

Version : Original version with French subtitles
Interprétation :
Simon Rex, Bree Elrod, Brenda Deiss, Vickie Pearce, Bashir Abboud, … 
Scénario : Sean Baker, Chris Bergoch 
Production : FilmNation Entertainment, Cre Film

Red Rocket

Mikey Saber returns to his hometown in Texas after years of working as a pornstar in Los Angeles. He is not really welcome there… Without any money,nor any job, he has to go backto live with his ex-wife and his mother-in-law… To pay his rent, he falls back into his ways but an encounter will give him hope for a new start. 

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2021 Red Rocket 
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2015 Tangerine 
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