River of desire

Réalisateur(s) : Sérgio Machado

Pays(s) : Brésil

Année : 2022

Durée : 108 min

Version : Original version with French subtitles
Réalisation : Sérgio Machado
 Brésil 2022
Interprétation : 
Sophie Charlotte, Daniel de Oliveira, Gabriel Leone, Rômulo Braga, …
: Sérgio Machado, George Walker Torres, Maria Camargo, Milton Hatoum
Production : 
A TC Filmes, Gullane Entretenimento
 : 108′

River of desire

When he falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Anaíra, Dalberto stops working as a policeman and becomes a sailor. The couple lives in the house which Dalberto shares with his two brothers, by the bank of river Negro. However, when Dalberto is obliged to risk himself on a long trip upriver, forbidden desires start to surface…

Biography Sérgio Machado

Born in 1969. As a screenplay writer, he collaborated, among others, on features such as “Madame Satã” (2002) by Karim Aïnouz, and “The Invisible Collection” (2012) by Bernard Attal. As a director, he is responsible for the features “Onde a Terra Acaba” (2001) — which won the Jury Prize at the 25th Mostra —, Lower City (2005), “Quincas Berro D’Água” (2010), “The Violin Teacher” (2015), winner of the Audience Prize for Best Brazilian Feature Film at the 39th Mostra, “The Fight of the Century” (2016) and “Irmãos Freitas” (2019).