Réalisateur(s) : JEAN-BERNARD MARLIN

Pays(s) : France

Année : 2023

Durée : 118

Dalil Abdourahim, Oumar Moindjie, Wallenn El Gharnaoui, Maryssa Bakoum, …


Jean-Bernard Marlin



Unité, Vatos Locos Productions, France 2 Cinéma



Djibril is a young Comorian from Les Sauterelles, a tough neighborhood in Marseille. He is in love with Camilla, a gypsy girl from the rival Grillons neighborhood. When she tells him she is pregnant, Djibril asks her to have an abortion so as not to start a clan war. However, the murder of one of Djibril’s friends, right in front of his eyes, sets the two estates ablaze. Traumatized, Djibril gradually descends into madness. He is convinced that a curse has befallen the neighborhood and decides to keep his child at all costs: for him, only his daughter can save them from chaos.

Filmographie Jean-Bernard Marlin

2018 Shéhérazade
2013 La fugue (court)
2007 La peau dure (court)