Un amour de cochon

Réalisateur(s) : Mascha Halberstad

Pays(s) : Pays-Bas / Belgique

Année : 2022

Durée : 72min

Version : French Version
 : Hiba Ghafry, Matsen Montsma, Kees Prins, …
 : Mascha Halberstad
Production : 
Viking Film ,A Private View.

Un amour de cochon

For his ninth birthday, Babs receives an American piglet from his grandfather. His parents are not very happy and decide that Babs can keep Knor on the condition that he takes a dog training course. But it seems that the grandfather has a secret plan for Knor. He has entered the Fresh Pork Meat Producers’ Association sausage contest…

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2022 Un amour de cochon
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