Until Tomorrow

Réalisateur(s) : Ali Asgari

Pays(s) : Iran / France

Année : 2021

Durée : 86 min

Version : Original version with French subtitles
 : Sadaf Asgari, Ghazal Shojaei, Babak Karimi, Amirreza Ranjbaran, Nahal Dashti, Mohammad Heidari, …
 : Ali Asgari, Alireza Khatami
Production : 
Novoprod, Premium Films
 : 86 min

Until Tomorrow

Fereshteh, a young student, lives alone in Tehran with her baby. When her parents, who are unaware of her situation, announce their imminent arrival, Fereshteh has very little time to find someone to entrust her daughter to. Accompanied by her faithful friend Atefeh, who has come to support her, she is only met with refusals and withdrawals. Nobody wants to take this responsibility. Even just for one night…

Biography Ali Asgari

Born in Iran, Ali Asgari is a prominent Iranian cinema figure with more than 200 awards to his name. two of his shorts were nominated for Palme d’Or at Festival de Cannes and “The Baby” was in short film competition of Venice Film Festival 2014. Ali’s films are concerned with precarious lives who live at society’s margin in his native country Iran. Ali is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and “Until Tomorrow” is his second feature film.